For Corporate Bodies

The Client banking policy of the Sinergia Bank is the major making of the general strategy of its development.

Sinergia Bank, JSC is a full service bank combining advantages of Banks of various directions, capable to offer to its Clients a full-range of the hi-tech financial products.

Activity of the Bank covers a real sector of economics and targeted on creation of the investment oriented ambience for its Clients.

The main principle by developing banking services can be named as an individual approach to each Client, careful studying of its needs in bank services and adopting standard services to its inquiries, and in some cases developing unique financial schemes met its requirements.

At present the Sinergia Bank offers complex schemes of servicing as large companies of different branches and activities, so and enterprises of small and medium business and financial organizations.

Our Clients can take an advantage of such a service as development and realization of individual programs allowing to optimize reciprocal payments with partners, to reduce expenses and to increase returns from the invested money resources.

Any Client of the Bank independent from its status and volume of activity has always the right to count upon a qualified consultation of the employees of Sinergia Bank, JSC on efficient investment of the financial resources, attraction of the borrowed reserves, financial analysis, promotion and current condition of different sectors of the financial market. To the Clients requiring promotion of their business the Bank offers an opportunity to place information on itself at the special stand and also on the web-site of the Bank in a global network of the Internet.

Settlement & Cash service

Settlement-cash service is one of the most demanded Bank products.

A wide spectrum of operations on opening and managing of accounts in rubles and foreign currencies is offered to the Clients of the Sinergia Bank.

The number of Clients opening settlement accounts in Sinergia Bank, JSC is being increased constantly. The Clients of  the Sinergia Bank are both legal persons, and businessmen without forming a legal body.

The main thing that attracts Clients in settlement-cash service in Sinergia Bank, JSC is a high degree of reliability of the Bank, speed of settlements, qualitative and polite servicing, wide assortment of services, competitive rates and a convenient location of the Bank head office and its isolated divisions.

The wide correspondent network of the Bank allows it smoothly and operatively to carry out payments of the Clients both inside Russia, and with countries of near and far abroad.

Among the Clients located far from the Bank the automated Client-Bank system of electronic payments is widespread allowing them to carry out payments without leaving offices.

Due to qualitative work of departments of cash transactions and money turnover there are no cases of delay or refusal in cashing the Bank Clients.


 Rates of the Bank on settlement-cash service.
 Rates of the Bank on installation of the Client-Bank program facilities.

Corporate Bodies Crediting

Sinergia Bank, JSC offers the Clients a wide spectrum of credit products for legal persons and individual businessmen.

The purpose of the Bank is to satisfy needs of the Client for a credit independent of scale of its business. We’re aimed to provide an individual approach to each Client depending on particulars of its business and its willing to cooperate actively with the Sinergia Bank.

The borrower can become any steadily operating enterprise, irrespective of a form of its ownership and a kind of activity. The enterprise - a potential borrower - should have a level of credit strength corresponding requirements of the Bank.

The priority at crediting is given to the enterprises, which:

The amount of the credit is defined depending on real, motivated needs of the Client for borrowed funds, its financial circumstances and the offered security, and also on the volume of business of the Client with the Sinergia Bank.

Interest rates depend on:

The Sinergia Bank offers following kinds of crediting:

The SINGLE CREDIT is given for the period stipulated by the Agreement in the form of single transfer of money resources on the Bank account of the Borrower.

The advantages of the single credit:

The CREDIT LINE. The Borrower gets the right to obtain and use the money resources by parts on an as-needed basis during the agreed period.

The advantages of the Credit Line:

The OVERDRAFT represents crediting the settlement account of the Client within the overdraft limits set by the Agreement at insufficiency or absence of money resources on it for realization of running payments. When defining overdraft limits the financial circumstances and turnovers under the settlement account of the Client are considered.

The Overdraft advantages:

Detailed information on us and our crediting services can be received in the Crediting Department by phone 223-107

Complex Exchange Service

Within more than ten years' the history of work in the foreign currency market the Sinergia Bank has gained a wide experience in servicing exporters and importers, generated the command of highly skilled experts, mastered actually all possible forms of the international documentary settlements and worked up technologies of high-quality servicing.

The bank offers legal bodies, and also physical persons - individual businessmen - a full spectrum of necessary services by all kinds of currency transactions (both in rubles of the Russian Federation, and in a foreign currency), including under Foreign Trade Agreements/Contracts on export-import, performance of works, rendering services, transferring information and results of intellectual activity, including exclusive rights to them, under Credit Agreements and Loan Agreements, and also on currency operations done under non-commercial transactions.

In the Sinergia Bank you always can convert money resources on your account from one currency in another, at a rate favorable to you.

The experts of the Currency Department offers free consultations of the Bank Clients at any stage of transactions. It allows the Bank Clients to conclude Agreements/Contracts on the conditions corresponding norms of the Currency Legislation of the Russian Federation, and after concluding the Contracts to prevent carrying out of currency transactions with infringement of the established order and to avoid a set of problems connected with execution of the Contract obligations and observance of procedure of the currency exchange regulation in conditions of constantly varying legislation.

The complex of exchange services includes:

On any questions of supporting Foreign Trade Contracts, please, contact the Foreign Exchange Department of Sinergia Bank, JSC by phone (8452) 23-69-30.

Rates of the Bank on complex exchange service here.

Time Deposite

The Sinergia Bank offers to place temporary free money resources of your organization on the Time Deposits guaranteeing stable and competitive level of profitability:

The interest rate: the Sinergia Bank charges up to 6,5 % 

Currencies: RF rubles

The amount of the deposit: not limited.

Deposit period: from 31 to 365 days.

Contribution amounts are no.

RATES of the Bank 

under the time deposits for Legal Bodies 
The minimal amount of allocation – Rub. 5 000 000










Roubles (RF) from 5 000 000,00 to 9 999 999,99 5% 5,2% 5,5% в конце срока no no
Roubles (RF) from 10 000 000,00 руб  6% 6,2% 6,5% в конце срока no no


Additional information and necessary consultations you can receive from the experts of the Client Servicing Department by phone +7 8452 223 501

Cash Flow Managemant

For efficient control by cash flow of your enterprise the Sinergia Bank offers the complex of products helping the enterprise to operate money resources with peak efficiency. Flexible terms will allow to optimize allocation of the resources under business-cycle of your enterprise. The competitive rates offered by the Bank will provide with an additional profit on the capital which temporarily is not involved in the financial and economic activity of the company. Our products are accessible both to the Bank Clients, and to the enterprises served in other credit organizations.

The Bank offers the following ways of allocation of free money resources:

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