Sinergia Bank, JSC issues plastic cards of one of the largest payment systems “MasterCard” – MaestroStandardGold.
    A bank plastic card is a universal payment instrument of the bank account management that allows a cardholder to pay for goods and services in different retail and service businesses that accept plastic cards, to get cash, and to use other additional services and perks.

    Plastic cards allow cardholders to:

    The funds on the card accounts of the bank clients are to be insured in accordance with the state program of mandatory insurance of public bank deposits.

    Sinergia Bank issues the following types of cards:

    Maestro is the most popular card in Russia. With this card you can pay for purchases in millions of retail and service locations worldwide that are equipped with electronic terminals. In addition, using Maestro card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide around the clock in the currency of the host country regardless of the currency on the account. Mandatory authorization of Maestro card with each transaction provides additional safety of your funds. Maestro may be issued to clients who do not have experience using cards, as well as to children starting at the age of 14. Another advantage of this card is its low cost and no mandatory initial deposit.
    MasterCard Standard is a universal payment instrument that is accepted worldwide. This card is designed for experienced bank card users. The card is popular among middle-income clients due to its convenience, availability of choices and financial flexibility. With MasterCard Standard you can pay on the Internet, make a hotel reservation or rent a car.
    MasterCard Gold. “Gold” plastic cards are prestigious cards that provide their owners with a number of additional choices and privileges: from services for travelers, which include medical and law assistance, to impeccable customer service in the case of card theft or loss. “Gold” card owners receive substantial discounts on purchases and service payments worldwide, beneficial offers from leading hotels and car rental companies, etc. 

    Sinergia Bank offers additional services to the cards owners:

Fees and Comissions for cards issuance and support services for Payroll card programs
Fees and Comissions for cash withdrawal transctions (Rubles, USD or EUR) with third-party Banks' cards in Sinergia cash points/bank machines
Fees and Comissions for cards issuance and support services for Individuals in Russian rubles from December-01 2014
Fees and Comissions for cards issuance and support services for Individuals in foreign currency from December-01 2014

You can get any additional information on the phone: +78452 223-500; 223-501.



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